Attendance Planner


System Requirements

Computer with Microsoft Windows operating system.


The Attendance Planner can be used by multiple users from multiple computers simultaneously. To make this possible:

Proceed as follows:


You can use the application in a terminal server environment. Otherwise do not install the program on a server. The program uses local system files. If these files do not exist on your local machine, the program will not start or will stop with an error message. Through the installation on the PC itself, all non-existing system files will be installed.

Guidelines on adapting the Network Version to the needs of your company: First Steps (PDF-Format).

An unattended installation is possible: Silent Installation (PDF-Format).

From Trial to Full Version

The trial version is identical to the full version. The test period is two months.

If you switch from the trial version to the full version, you need only install the full version on a single PC. No further installation is required on the remaining PCs on which the trial version is already installed.

All entries and settings you have made in the trial version will be transferred to the full version. So you can already enter all employees’ data, buttons for ‘reasons for presence/ absence’ and attendance data in the trial version.


You can remove the program by using the control panel. To delete all data press CTRL + SHIFT + F8 before the final closure of the program. Alternatively, you can delete the common data folder manually.

Questions, Problems?

Send an e-mail to Here you can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).