Attendance Planner


General Settings

You can make the following settings in the menu Edit - General Settings:

General Settings

Windows User Name

The Windows User Name ensures that employees can only make entries for themselves. Some settings are not available, if your employees do not have Windows User Names and the column Windows User Name in the menu option Edit - Employees is not displayed.

Open the program

You can adjust whether all employees can use the Attendance Planner or only those employees who are entered with Windows User Names (menu option Edit - Employees).

Authorization of entries

You can determine whether employees can make entries for themselves or whether this is reserved for administrators and privileged users. If employees are authorized to make entries, the under Edit - Employees registered Windows User Name ensures that employees can only make entries for themselves.

Privileged Users

If you select the option Administrators and Privileged Users can make entries for other employees the additional menu option Privileged Users is added to the menu Edit. Employees, whom you enter as Privileged Users can make entries for other employees and can use the buttons Only for Administrators, which are checked in Edit - Reasons for Presence/ Absence. Privileged Users do not get other administrative authorization.

Authority to View

In the standard format of the program all employees are able to view the data of all other employees. If you select the option Determine to what extent employees are able to access the data of other employees the additional menu option Authority to View is added to the menu Edit. Using this menu option you can determine to what extent employees are able to access the data of other employees.

Display Groups

In order to avoid paging through long lists of employees, the employees can be divided into groups. If you select the option Use Display Groups the additional menu option Display Groups is added to the menu Edit.

Show presence/ absence buttons

Here you can adjust whether buttons for ‘reasons for presence/ absence’ that are reserved for administrators, are displayed only to administrators or are visible to all employees.

Making entries

Usually entries are made by highlighting the desired period with the mouse and clicking on the appropriate button for the desired ‘reason for presence/ absence’. With the option Make entries by mouse and keyboard you can also make entries with the keyboard. When clicking on a ‘reason for presence/ absence’ button, a dialog box opens, in which you can make the entry.

Vacation days

Do you wish to use the Vacation Overview in the menu View, you can enter the code letter for the buttons that you use for full and half vacation days. If you use separate buttons for scheduled and approved vacation, you can enter a further code letter. These buttons are counted in the Vacation Overview.

Vacation entitlements

You can specify whether you want to enter vacation entitlements in menu option Edit - Employees with or without decimal. You can select the beginning of the vacation year and when the residual leave expires.

Sick leave

If you do not want to show employees other employees’ sick leave, you can define a code letter you want to use for absence reason ‘sick leave’. Entries with this code letter are not shown to employees. Administrators and privileged users always see the sick leave of all employees.

Show Vacation Overview and Totals

You can select whether the Vacation Overview and the Table of Totals is shown to all employees or to administrators and privileged users only.

Show calendar week

You can specify whether the calendar week is displayed in the heading of the monthly overview.

Show daily totals

Administrators and privileged users can specify for which reasons for presence/ absence they want to display a daily total at the lower edge of the main window.

Highlight lines and columns

You can select whether you want to highlight the current line and column. Furthermore, you can highlight headlines.

Show logbook

You can specify to what extent employees have access to the logbook and how long the logbook is to be saved.


You can select whether grid lines will be printed. When you print the monthly overview you can select whether the calendar week is printed in the heading, and whether a legend of the buttons is printed on the end.

Change arrangement of buttons

You can change the order of the buttons.

Lock program

You can lock the program, for example while making changes to the configuration or during a recovery. At the time you lock the program other employees will no longer be able to enter data or to restart the program.

Color settings

You can modify the color settings.

Color settings

Click a button and select a color. You can see the settings in the preview window on the right-hand side. You can restore the standard settings with the button Reset.