Attendance Planner



The attendance of the current month is displayed following the program startup.

Vacation Planner

Depending on the display resolution the buttons describing ‘reasons for presence or absence’ are displayed at the lower or right-hand edge of the window. The current day column is highlighted in color.

The register cards near the top of the screen can be selected in order to view attendance in different months.

Attendance can be recalled going back to the beginning of the last year. Entries can be made in advance up to the end of the next year.

At the beginning of a new year the program automatically switches one year onward. The program is thereby usable for all subsequent years without the necessity of manual intervention. The attendance of the year before last year is deleted at the beginning of a new year.

Many useful keyboard shortcuts, for example to set the width of the buttons or the line height, can be found in the pdf file Shortcuts.