Attendance Planner



You can enter your employees’ data with the menu option Edit - Employees.


Click on the field in which you would like to enter or change data. The current line is indicated in color.

A new line can be inserted above the current line using the button Insert Line. The current line may be deleted with the button Delete Line.

With the buttons Up and Down you can move the content of the current line a line upward or downward.


Headlines can be inserted as follows: Instead of a name enter the character > followed by the headline text and leave the other fields of the line empty. The headline is indicated in color.

Temporary employees

The beginning and end of the employment period can be entered for temporary employees. These employees are only displayed in the Planner during the months in which they are employed.

Should the period of employment of a permanent employee begin or end, you need only to enter the start or end date. The second date field can remain empty.

Vacation entitlements

If you wish to use the Vacation Overview (menu option View - Vacation Overview), you can enter the vacation entitlements of the employees. Before you start you should first read the notes in the chapter Vacation Overview.

At the beginning of a new year the vacation entitlements automatically switch over one year and you can enter the vacation entitlements for a further year. You can adopt the vacation entitlements from the previous year by pressing CTRL + ALT and clicking in the column header on the year for which you want to transfer the vacation entitlements from the previous year.

You only need to enter the residual leave when setting up for the first time. It is automatically recalculated after beginning of a new year. The residual leave is always effective of January 1st of the previous year.

Display Groups

In order to avoid paging through long lists of employees, the employees can be divided into groups. If you have selected the option Use Display Groups in the menu option Edit - General Settings - Display Groups, then you will be provided with an additional menu option Edit - Display Groups.

Using the menu option Edit - Display Groups you can create a new Display Group by clicking on the button Add, and provide the group with a name of your choice.

By inserting headings in the employee data you are able to group your employees. All employees falling under a given heading form a group. For each Display Group created you can determine which groups are able to see.

As soon as you have created more than one Display Group, a new field will be created in the main window allowing you to select Display Groups.

Using the Rename button you can provide the selected Display Group with a new name. Using the Delete button you are able to delete the selected Display Group.