Attendance Planner


Data Folder

Change data folder

You can choose the folder in which all data of the Attendance Planner is stored by selecting the menu option File - Change Data Folder. If you change the data folder, you move the data into the selected folder.

Export data

You can export the data folder with the menu option File - Export Data into a backup file.

Save your data regularly on an external back-up. If your hard disk fails, all your data will be irretrievable.

You can export currently displayed data to a CSV file by pressing the key F12. In this way you can continue editing the data using another program like Excel. An export to a CSV file is available for the Main Form, the Annual Overview, the Vacation Overview, the Table of Totals and the Logbook.

Import data

Using the menu option File - Import Data you can import a backup file saved under File - Export Data. All current existing data is overwritten by the data stored in the backup file.

Recover data

The program automatically sets regular backup periods e.g. the first program start-up of the day or before changing ‘reasons for presence/ absence’ or changing employee data.

The menu option File - Recover Data enables you to recover all data to an earlier backup point. All changes made since then, will be undone.

Before the data folder is recovered a new backup point is set, so you can undo the recovery.