Attendance Planner

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer the data from the trial version to the full version?

Is the license limited in time?

How can I add additional years?

How can I archive the data of last year?

Can I still display the data of the year before last year?

The vacation days are calculated wrong, what could be the reason?

The text in the program window is blurred, can I correct this?

I am getting a new computer. What do I have to do? (Stand-alone version)

The server will be replaced. What has to be done? (Network version)

Each department wants to use the planner independently. Is this possible? (Network version)

Is there an interface to other programs, such as Outlook?

Is there a MAC version?

Can I turn off the welcome screen that appears at startup?

I would like additional features. Is that possible?

When the program starts, the following message appears: "Your Windows User Name isn't registered in the Attendance Planner."